Jean-Marc DENIEL https://orcid.org/0000-0001-7713-8401


Lighting computation requires photometry data that are not always available. Lacking photometry data limits lighting study to in situ measurement, luminaire measurement or use of similar luminaire photometry. This is not satisfactory, neither for convenience nor cost and accuracy reasons. Fitting the spatial distribution of luminaire efficiency to their description would allow lighting computations in this kind of situation. An efficiency spatial distribution model is proposed for grid and louvre tube luminaires, taking optic width, louvre between-axis and gloss as parameters. It is constructed over 12 measured efficiency spatial distributions and the corresponding luminaire descriptors. Even if optic and louvre gloss cannot be differentiated, this model fits to measurements and allows for computed irradiance close to experiments within ?5% to +19%. In addition, luminaire descriptors can freely vary inside their experimental range and even be extrapolated.




photometry, light sources, luminaires, lighting, simulation, model

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