Paul Marchant


This paper gives some background to claims of benefit from road lighting and why large beneficial claims may be suspect. It places this in the context of general concerns about the unreliability of claims in science using knowledge gained, particularly from investigations in the field of health-care.
It points to the need to plan, proceed and check science in unbiased and rigorous ways. It gives recommendations for more transparency, asks for clear protocols to be produced in advance, that clear reports are written which follow appropriate reporting guidelines and that the data is accessible.


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MARCHANT, Paul. Why Lighting Claims Might Well Be Wrong. International Journal of Sustainable Lighting, [S.l.], v. 19, n. 1, p. 69-74, june 2017. ISSN 2586-1247. Available at: <http://lightingjournal.org/index.php/path/article/view/71>. Date accessed: 23 nov. 2017. doi: https://doi.org/10.26607/ijsl.v19i1.71.